Automated OpenBSD builds – part 2: ports


In my last post, I outlined the ease of running full base OpenBSD system builds, from downloading the full source archive, checking out the base and X-Windows source code, and running the build and generating release sets.

In this post, I’ll pick up where I left off and describe how to build a local set of add-on packages suitable for building a more complete and usable day-to-day system.

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Automated OpenBSD system builds

In today’s installment, I’ll be discussing the advantages – and demonstrating the surprising simplicity – of running 100% from-source systems on the excellent OpenBSD operating system.
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blogginit – a blog setup for the social era

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The first of several articles outlining the blog/hosting setup used to create this site.

Running a reasonably modern website setup has evolved greatly since the days of a simple HTML web homepage – While a static HTML site prvides a straightforward and simple way to allow for basic web publishing, sites wanting to provide more extensive functionality and ease of use have long since shifted towards blogging and other platforms. One of the most popular of these platforms is wordpress – a straightforward and simple to use blogging engine with many features and add ons.  Continue reading blogginit – a blog setup for the social era

… back up

after a long hiatus.. the techzone is relaunched!

looking forward to keeping this updated with techy things I find interesting enough to write about..